S   T   R   A   T   F   O   R   D    
                      C O M P A N Y 


Stratford Company believes in providing our clients with excellent customer service, quality workmanship and competitive prices.   Our focus has been to develop and maintain long term customer relationships by providing quality services.  We have achieved this by taking personal pride in the value we add to each project.  We believe in building long term relationships and as a result we enjoy repeat business from our clients year after year.


JAMES LUNDMARK is Stratford Company's managing partner in charge of Administration and Construction Management.   Mr. Lundmark holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Illinois and a M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Colorado.  He is active in community affairs, having served two years as a director of the Barrington Area Chamber of commerce,   past director of the Barrington Historical Society and Co-Chairman of the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce.


DAVID THOMA is partner and principal in charge of Architecture for Stratford Company.  Mr. Thoma holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame and is a member of the American  Institute of Architects.  Mr. Thoma was licensed to practice Architecture in the State of Illinois in 1983. 
Prior to establishing Stratford Company with Jim Lundmark in 1985, Mr. Thoma resided in Rome, Italy for seven years where he was the Associate Architect with Francesco Montana, for the design of ten buildings for Birzeit University, Bethlehem University and Notre Dame of Jerusalem and  Vatican Guest House and Cultural Center.   The Notre Dame of Jerusalem Auditorium Building was completed in early 2000 and inaugurated by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Jerusalem in March.